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Our corporate strategy is based on Nankai Express specialization as a service company operating mainly in the international transport and logistics services sector. The focus is on air and sea cargo and on related services such as packaging and customs clearance.

 Thanks above all to our motivated, skilled and qualified staff in the United Kingdom and abroad, we meet the goal of always developing the best individual transportation solutions for our customers. That is why creating an optimum working environment is one of the most important resources that we have for achieving customer satisfaction.

  With state-of-the-art and highly efficient IT resources at their disposal, our logistics professionals can focus their attention exclusively on your projects.

An essential component of our strategy is the clear recognition of the advantages of a mid-market company. We convert virtues such as transparency, good communication and fast decision-making capacity into competitive advantages that pay for our customers. By creating alliances and networks we have put ourselves in a position to make use of attractive purchasing options. This is how we can maintain our independent position, despite the current moves towards consolidation in the logistics sector.